Industrial Design

I am a trained Industrial Designer and Design Manager with more than 10 Years of experience in an international agency environment.

As Lead Designer, I guide project teams and clients through the whole product development process by bridging Strategy, Design & Engineering.

In my work, I focus on a User & Value-Centered approach to shape product and brand experiences.

Hands-on. Agile. Adjustable.
These are the core values of my design process, based on the classic Design Thinking approach.

Dipl.- Des Industrial Design (2011)
Grow training (2018)
- Design Management
- Design Leadership

Wagner was one of my main clients at INDEED-INNOVATION.

Over the span of 8 years, I worked on countless projects and products.

Strategic Design DNA:
Consistency in design

language and design value.

Hardware UX:
Making the tool experience

tangible in a very early stage.

As Lead Designer, I was part of the core team working on the strategic brand DNA.

From day one the design DNA has been an organically growing document.
Each project has been based on it, and also been used to develop the
DNA further.
3 layers of attributes times 3 layers of market segments, define the consistent brand appearance.

Each project has been approached with the curiosity to find room to improve in handling and performance.

I used hands-on mock-ups to ideate and test new product setups and features.

Making future work experience and user value tangible in a very early stage.

From international user research up to defining the last details in tooling.
Understanding user behavior, early testing, and constant iterations have been the key ingredients for the award-winning Dust-Extractor series.

Inside generation,
User journey,
Stakeholder mapping

Iterative Co-Creation,
Design visioning, Design conception


Design Detailing,
Production ready
CAD Design

Qualitative, ethnographic
research on site

This family of industrial vacuum cleaners for on-tool dust extraction and clean-ups has been designed to solve one major problem: transportability. Traditional heavy-duty vacuums are extremely heavy and bulky – a result of the need for powerful motors and a large dust capacity. VC 20M-X and VC 40M-X revisit long-established design conventions to improve agility without sacrificing performance. The profile has been changed from rounded to angular, sharing the same footprint of many tool cases. Combined with the lower weight and suitcase-style handles, the vacuums become much easier to transport and store – especially in tradesmen’s vans.


For this research project, four companies have been chosen to combine their expertise to investigate Urban E-Mobility for daycare centers.


Prototyping &

Frame construction
and chassis design

Work examples from other industries,
besides power tools.