Industrial Design

Writing Graffiti letters has been the start of my creative work more than 20 Years ago.

Going by the synonym FATAL I am writing the same five letters since 1996. Finding new ideas in the same pattern is a constant challenge since day one.

Throughout the years I tried different media. My current work focuses on spray paint as well as digital illustration tools.

As a designer I love working with clients. Writing graffiti is different. It is my personal creative playground. No commission, no client work, no deadlines.

2010 - 2021

Throughout the years my style has been influenced in different directions.
After starting professional design work around 2008, logical, and technical thinking had the biggest impact. I approached my painting rather like a design project than a piece of art. Always planning ahead, finding design cues, and being focused on the final outcome.

The "being in the moment" spirit of improv changed that.
My current approach is that every stroke should feel good, the moment it is painted. The outcome is now driven by the sum of those "in the moment micro-decisions" instead of a master plan. That approach gets me out of my head and leads to surprisingly refreshing results.