Industrial Design

Improvisational Theater (also Improv) is the art to create all characters and stories on the spot.
Due to its core values, it is the purest and most honest art form for me.

The work on stage encourages you to use all your resources. It enriches your creativity by combining your cognitive, physical, and emotional capacities.

Co-Creation is always a team effort. It's about building on the ideas of others, being aware of your peers, listening carefully, giving space, and taking responsibility.
A great team experience makes a great stage experience.

Every impulse is bound to that very moment. There is no "I try that later", no second chances.
It is all about being in that very moment.

Trust your impulses, beat your inner critic and make decisions.
Nothing can go wrong as long as you embrace what happens.

In my first stage years, I was an actor at "Meet the Monsters." The project was canceled in December 2019.

New Year, New Ensemble, New Concepts.

Since January 2020 I am a founding member of the ensemble "Impro Meuterei Hamburg".


First own Show & Concept

In 2018/ 2019 the "MONSTERS" got the chance to play a monthly show at "Grüner Jäger", a show venue in the heart of the city.
We invented the co-operative show concept "Double Trouble" and invited different ensembles for each gig to go on stage with us.
For me, it was a great experience regarding stage practice and networking.

Monstrous Ambassador

In 2019 I had the chance to represent "Meet the monsters" at the "Törn (C)up" at Hamburgs Improv Festival.
It was my first festival and a super exciting gig with a great group on stage.

Invention of the Time Machine

True story! In January 2020 Jasmin Subklewe and I went on stage with a "Year Preview" show concept to predict 2020.

(Spoiler: It came quite different!)
It was my first duet show, with awesome energy on stage and in the audience. One of my favorite gigs so far.

Improv is a powerful tool for all creative professions.
It combines the core techniques of ideation and innovation tools with human interaction and behavior.

2019 - 2020 I was teaching an "Improv for Designers" class focusing on the skillset between Creative & Human skills.

Empahty is the key element to build the bridge between understanding and creation.

Communication does not mean talking. Listen carefully, be aware of body language and mirco impulses.

Advanced Creative Tools
From a real "Yes, and..." to
advanced association training.

Co- Creation
Use the individual strengths within your team and make your peers shine.

Group work & facilitation
Taking responsibilites within the team, while giving space to others.

By far the most important thing about improv:

Go on stage! Enjoy yourself! Have fun!